Looking for help applying Sunday’s sermon?  As promised, here are some resources to check out.  I would like to especially thank Craig Garbe for helping me put this together.  He also produced the attached document, which I would encourage you to reference as you pray for our civil leaders.

Justice and Mercy:

Sanctity of Human Life Network (Website, Facebook, Project Truth)

Sierra Pregnancy & Health (Website, Facebook)

Sacramento Memorial Garden (memorial for unborn children)

Agape International Ministries

Pacific Justice Institute

Voting Guides (As Christian citizens, we have a responsibility to ensure that we have godly representatives ruling over us, starting first at the city level):

Robyn Nordell

Judge Voter Guide

God and Government (looking for material on America’s Christian history, the Christian history of the United States Constitution, a Biblical understanding of the ministry of the civil magistrate, and how to get plugged in locally?  Check out these ministries):

Wall Builders

Providence Foundation

American Vision

Capitol Commission

And finally, according to 1 Timothy 2:1-2 , we must pray for our leaders. Well, in order to pray for our leaders, we need to know who they are.  You’ll find many of their names on the attached document.

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