I try to fill up my commute time with theology and there hasn’t been such a gift to the church as the internet when it comes to recording and disseminating helpful podcasts on or about theology. Here are the podcasts in the regular rotation on my phone. They are all different from one another, but each from a theologically-Reformed perspective. (BTW, if you’ve gotten tired of iOS’s increasingly terrible podcast app, I recommend Overcast.)

Veritas Church: Roseville – duh!

Reformed Pubcast – Les and Tanner banter and talk about their theological journeys, sometimes get into casual debates about different topics, and almost always talk about what’s in their glass. The tagline is “The Theology of Calvin and the Thirst of Luther”. Is there anything else to be said? This one is technically on indefinite hiatus, but I have it on good authority that they will be coming back pretty soon. P.S. Les just made a cool little documentary called Calvinist, and I wholeheartedly recommend it as well!

Renewing Your Mind With R.C. Sproul – The Ligonier Ministries fellows do a daily 25-ish minute lesson from their different learning courses. You can get your daily theology fix, and they go through multiple different topics, ranging from biblical theology, church history,the differences between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, to the modern reformed movement, and everything in between.

Doctrine and Devotion – Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler, 1689 LBCF extraordinaires, have a focused but casual talk about theology, replete with banter and weird quirky humor. They’ve recently gone through the five solas, so that’s what I’d recommend you start with.

Five For Fruit – Cary Gephart does a five minute primer on the historical faith of Christianity. Why are creeds and confessions important? It only takes a few minutes to present the case, and Cary does it winningly.

Mortification of Spin – Carl Trueman, Aimee Byrd, and Todd Pruitt get informal with each other and their guests, and chat through different theological and cultural topics in the church, especially regarding evangelicalism.

Apologia Radio – Jeff Durbin, Luke Pierson, Joy Temby, and Marcus Pittman take scripture and presuppositional apologetics to bear on the modern culture, law, and religion.

Reformed Brotherhood – Tony (a Presbyterian) and Jesse (a Baptist) talk theology in ecumenical fashion, and break down sometimes-intense topics into easily-digestible information. All sorts of things are discussed: controversies on the doctrine of the Trinity, eschatology, ecclesiology, the ordo salutis, whatever.

Sheologians – Summer Jaeger and Joy Temby talk theology and culture and ever-search for the “patriarchy”. The humor is sharp, and the talks are good because theology is for women. Dudes shouldn’t avoid this one either.

White Horse Inn – Dr. Michael Horton talks about the different issues in historical and current Christianity today.


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