Sinclair Ferguson’s Four Needs

Total depravity (the condition of every human apart from God’s grace) was the subject of our Five Points class yesterday. Together, we read over 25 pride-destroying verses, which made very clear our utter helplessness before God.

While no one likes to feel helpless, it’s absolutely essential if we’re going to be grateful for grace. Sinclair Ferguson, in his book The Christian Life, expresses four “needs” of every human being – four needs we cannot meet on our own. As I think about each of these, and how they’ve been met in Jesus Christ, I’m filled with gratitude:


  1. We need re-creation by Christ in order that the image of God, once distorted by sin, may be restored.


  1. We need deliverance from the dominion of sin in order that we may live freely for God.


  1. We need to be rescued from the power of Satan so that our lives may be given to Christ the Lord as his glad [servants].


  1. We need to be saved from the wrath of God so that, released from this most terrifying of all prospects, we may live the life of forgiven sinners.


(Sinclair Ferguson, The Christian Life (Banner of Truth, 1981), page 16.)

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