Spurgeon on Grace

As I was concluding Sunday’s sermon, I read the following quote from Charles Spurgeon, which he said during one of his own sermons in 1866:

“Suppose that God saved men on account of their merits. Where would you drunkards be? Where would you swearers be? You who have been unclean and unchaste, and you whose hearts have cursed God, and who even now do not love him, where would you be? But when it is all of grace, then all your past life, however black and filthy it may be, need not keep you from coming to Jesus.” (Sermon Volume 12, pages 431-432)

Spurgeon would have been preaching to thousands that day, and he knew many of them would not be Christians. He also knew what beliefs often keep people from becoming Christians; namely, the belief that my past sins disqualify me from coming to Jesus.

Spurgeon says quite the opposite – It is our past sins that in fact qualify us to come to Jesus, no matter how black and filthy we may be. As Jesus himself said, “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners” (Matthew 9:13).

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