Book Recommendation: Coping with Change

Book Recommendation


As we study through the book of Ecclesiastes, I have been very helped by an obscure book written by Dr. Walter Kaiser, professor of Old Testament theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

His book is called “Coping with Change” and you can find it on Amazon here. The following are comments made on 8:15 of Ecclesiastes:

“God’s intention, then, was that mortals were to come to a proper joy in the material gifts placed in this world by God Himself. This joy was to be a source of constant satisfaction to men and women when these things and their users were properly aligned with their Giver. Moreover, it was meant that this joy would be part of the joy mortals would experience all the days of their lives.

Instead of all the restless activity of mortals, solely devoted to accumulating things and often using unjust and evil ways to obtain them, God has given a confident contentment as part of that joy that supersedes what otherwise would turn out to be indulging in a wicked hoarding of possessions and riches.

Therefore, no person who truly fears God need ever stoop to any sort of low means to obtain what God has not yet gifted to them. Why trade a life of emptiness that is full of transitions and change for the contentment that can come from rejoicing in what comes from the hands of our Creator and Redeemer in His timing and in His plan?” (Kindle Locations 1640-1647)

More recommendations to come!


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