Advent at Veritas Church

For nearly two millenniums people have annually celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. Today, we call this celebration Christmas. Historically, God’s people have made this a 4-week celebration, leading up to the actual day of Christmas, called Advent, which means Arrival.

The four weeks of Advent, in anticipation of Christmas Day, are meant to mimic the centuries during which God’s people longed for the first Christmas Day, the day Jesus was born.

At Veritas Church, we devote the first four Sundays of December to celebrating the advent of Christ. This year, we’ll maintain our tradition of focusing upon the four Christmas themes of “hope,” “love,” “joy,” and “peace.”

Advent Booklet

If you would like to celebrate Advent with your family at home, click here to download a copy of the Advent Devotional. If you “right-click” this link you can save the file to your computer or table.

Advent Coloring Book

If you have young children, here is an Advent coloring book that they might use while you lead your family through the Advent Booklet. If you “right-click” the link, you can save the coloring book to your computer or tablet.

We look forward to joining with you and your family as we spend time this December celebrating the birth of Jesus, our long awaited Messiah and Savior.