Counseling at Veritas church is typically referred to as “biblical counseling” (BC). Our goal is to develop a model and method from the Bible to wisely help people in their problems. As biblical counselors, we seek to build strong relationships and help people to apply the gospel to their lives in ways that are meaningful and direction-giving.

Our counseling is shaped by a Christ-centered view of human life as found in the Christian Scriptures, which takes seriously the physical, social, and developmental nature of our difficulties. We believe that people can be healed, strengthened, and built up as they grow in their understanding of the gospel and in their relationship with Christ. This doesn’t happen, however, apart from our personal dependence on Him and seeking His help.

We have been most helped by two books written by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp. They are “How People Change,” and “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands”.

Interested in receiving formal counseling? Fill out the form linked to the button below. You should expect a response within a week. Remember that our pastors, deacons, and counselors have limited time, and are not always able to immediately meet all counseling needs.

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How People Change